One of those mornings

One of those mornings

One of those mornings

Morning all,

Omg it’s one of those mornings! Don’t you just hate it when as soon as you wake up everything just goes to pot. Well, thats exactly how my morning is going, I should have realised it was going to be one of those days because I haven’t slept well and when that happens things normal go from bad to worse.

My back was giving me hell and eventually after rolling inch by inch I managed to straighten up and pull myself out of bed, not a good look I can assure you. Tripping over the dog as she was panting and asking for a drink, I stumbled down stairs a step at a time with my dog following.

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Bleared eyed I fill the kettle as my dog is lapping at her bowl and filling her boots to the rim and then I reach to unlock my back door. Whats happening here? my security key is just turning around in its hole. It must be me I thought as my dog is now sitting with her legs crossed looking up at me intensely as much to say “come on mum, get that bloody door open” I hear myself replying repeatedly “i’m trying”.

Now realising the key has worn over the years and my landlord only gave me one, panic starts to creep in. I need to gain access to the rear of my house for a number of reasons so I turn to social media asking if anyone is awake with a security key I can borrow, but theres no response. I then turn to my landlord telling him of my plight but theres no response there either.

There’s nothing left to do but to search the web looking for a locksmith to come and help. The first one advertising 24/7 with arrival of 30 minutes sounds perfect but when I call they tell me because of Covid they wouldn’t be able to get anyone out to me before 10.00am and everyone else would be telling me the same. Yea right plus their charge was astronomical. Thanks but no thanks in my polite manner.

Moving on to the next again advertising 24/7 response, it would help if they answered their phone! Definitely a rapid response….NOT

Then the next one, eventually they answer the phone and are happy to come out but will take 45-1hr to get to me and their charge quoted was £49.00 I asked if that was inclusive and the guy said yes as long as I didn’t need any parts etc. Great so thats where I am at the moment, just standing around waiting for this guy to appear.

The guy turns up, a very respectful guy and tries to open the door for the price quoted but as I thought, it was impossible, it’s a security lock.  As I said, it was one of those days. I was then quoted another price £49.00 for the call out and £99.00 to unlock the door. He explained the worst scenario, he might have to cut around the keyhole to gain entry to the mechanism as it wasn’t the key as I thought was at fault but the internal lock but what every method used that would be the total price.

With tools in place and some aggressive moves he did after a while managed to release the internal lock for which I was most grateful and so was my dog. As soon as the door was opened she ran outside.

So in-all it’s a great start to my day!

I do wonder as my day has started off like this, what other surprises are in store for me today as things like this normally happen in threes! 😟

I hope your day starts off better than mine.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

Get those fingers off yours moving today and send me something interesting, dare to be bold!

Enjoy the last day of sun before the thunderstorms arrive 🤪

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one of those mornings, One of those mornings, Full Body Massage Service

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