Good Morning – Don’t miss out!

Good Morning – Don’t miss out!

Good morning - Don't miss out!, Good Morning – Don’t miss out!, Full Body Massage Service

Good Morning – Don’t miss out!

It’s a great day people,

I have been up since before sunrise this morning, so much to do and not enough hours in a day…It’s the same old story when i’m busy.


We didn’t get much of a summer this year, a few hot days clumped together can hardly be called a summer. Now Autumn is upon us, Blustery wet weather ummm lovely…NOT! All isn’t lost though as we should get a couple of days reaching 20 degrees in Suffolk this week. Probably the last chance to sort your garden out for the winter if you haven’t already. The nights are already drawing in and soon we will be waking up in darkness and returning home in darkness. I’m not looking forward to that at all, although I do like the cold seasons, I just wish they weren’t so long.


I popped to the shop on Monday last week and was amazed to see not only the Halloween costumes and goodies on the shelves, but also Christmas goodies as well. I then returned to the same shop on Friday morning and noticed the huge display of quality street that I had seen on Monday had all gone. Wow! I guess it’s time to think about buying our treats early this year to make sure we get them, as I believe there will be many shortages with the run-up to the festive period.

Crypto Currency – Don’t miss out!

Have any of you taken the plunge in to the crypto currency markets yet?

After my initial purchase, I have managed to acquire a few more tokens and i’m happy to say things are looking good in my small portfolio.

If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, then don’t delay, this could be the last time to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum before their value sky rockets! Well, thats the prediction if you listen to the big boys. Going back over history, it seems Bitcoin has a 200% increase year on year with its ups and downs. That’s huge!

Good morning - Don't miss out!, Good Morning – Don’t miss out!, Full Body Massage Service

Are you being hesitant and scared of loosing your initial investment because you don’t understand how it all works? If so, check this link out This company takes the risks for you, it’s all legal and aboveboard so it’s a win win for all. Personally I would definitely get involved, but i’m afraid, I don’t have a nest egg anymore to invest.

For those of you who are looking for a great return on your investment, don’t delay, contact for a no obligation about what they may be able to do for you.

Garden update

I’m happy to report that all the hard work is finished, patio laid, slate, decking etc. All thats left to do is add a water feature and some more plants but thats a job for spring. I can’t wait for next year when I can sit out there and enjoy the tranquility of the space i’ve created. A massive thank you to the people who have helped me get to this stage.


Wow the prices have hiked!

My home is all electric and i’ve struggled year on year to keep my home warm through the winter because I have an electric boiler which costs a fortune to run.

I was approached by a company offering to help under a government scheme in 2020 because my EPC rating wasn’t too good. They offered to insulate my loft foc which I kindly accepted.

This year they came back to me offering to help once more but they said I need to get mains gas supplied to my home. After searching as my energy supplier wouldn’t help I contacted the main distributor in Suffolk. They had a scheme running to install a mains gas supply foc as long as I had permission from my landlord.

While waiting for the mains gas to be installed, the other company sent a surveyor to my house for a detailed inspection through the government scheme. They have now injected cavity wall insulation foc and i’m just waiting for a date for my new boiler to be installed.

Going through all this seemed a win win, I was going to be able to have a warm home through the winter for the first time since i’ve lived here. Now with the energy prices hiked as much as they are, maybe my thoughts of a warm home may have to stay as just thoughts. Time will tell.

Thanks for stopping by and your continued support.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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