How has it come to this?

How has it come to this?

How has it come to this?

Good afternoon readers,

I’m very saddened by 3 more letdowns today and ask myself “how has it come to this?”

In all the years I have been working in this industry, I have never been treated with such utter contempt and on a regular basis. Wow, how things have changed!

You may have read previous post of mine where I have complained about NO SHOWS,  now it seems that people/clients whom I have know for many years are adopting a similar mentality. Booking me just to cancel their appointment 10, 15 & 30 minutes before their session time and openly stating they have changed their minds. For me, this is like receiving a slap in the face! Why did you not cancel first thing in the morning or at the very latest 1 hour before your time, to try and give me a chance to fill your appointment.

I understand that life sometimes gets in the way and sometimes you may have to cancel your appointment, this isn’t a problem at all and I know it’s beyond your control, it’s life!

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How has it come to this?

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Of course it’s your prerogative to change your mind and I wouldn’t dream of suggesting otherwise, but please play the game fairly. Spare a thought for me and people like me,  you have booked an appointment the previous day and confirming your appointment in the evening. As you all know, I do not work in the evenings unless it’s by prior arrangement. This is purely because by that time, I am exhausted as i’m normally up at 5.00am.

I have always tried to accommodate you where and when I can, but there will always be some requests that I can’t and won’t succumb to. Sometimes, I don’t see your text message at night because I have fallen asleep. When I do see it, I think it’s inappropriate for me to text back because of the time delay and assume you will text me again first thing in the morning.

In todays climate, we are all working and struggling to survive and some of us have never worked so hard just to keep a roof over our heads. In other words, life is hard enough without this behaviour.

With all that I have said now and within previous posts, I think you will all understand where I am coming from when I say from now on and going forward…

If you cancel me because you have changed your mind with only 30 minutes to go before your appointment time, I will NOT take a further booking from you unless you pay a £20.00 deposit through my website.

For NO SHOWS, I will NOT take your call, I know who you are as I have listed you as a NO SHOW!

Please do not take any offence to this post as it’s not my nature to offend anyone….I’m so sorry that I have to implement these new measures, but I can not live on fresh air and just like all of you, the bills keep coming.

This has really saddened me more than I can say…..How has it come to this?

Again my apologies, but under these circumstances, I haven’t been left with any other option.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

As always, take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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