Vax Rapid Power Plus – Review

Vax Rapid Power Plus – Review

Vax Rapid Power Plus – Review

Carpet Cleaner


Hello people,

This post isn’t for everyone, but if you’re like me and have a steady flow of foot traffic or you have pets or children, this information might be right up your street.

Vax Rapid Power Plus - Review, Vax Rapid Power Plus – Review, Full Body Massage Service

As you all know I like nice things, when I moved in I treated myself to a designer hall runner and not because it was designer more because it was the colours I was looking for.

Previously, I owned a Bissell Carpet Cleaner, not a top of the range model. It seemed to do the job ok but gave up the ghost though lockdown and dumping out liquid as it died. These patches dried but the more you walked on them the more they seemed to grow and became magnets for dirt. The end result was, either I throughout my runner because it looked disgusting (to me anyway) which I didn’t really want to do because it cost me a fair amount or invest in a new carpet cleaner.

For weeks I have scoured the net looking at carpet cleaners, most of them had reviews of a few lines or a star rating. You know as well as I do, you can’t believe all the reviews and trust a star rating. I decided that that my new carpet cleaner had to be a well know name, it also had to have excellent power and be within £200. max

Being the impulsive person I am, with my runner shouting at me every time I walked passed it (Clean Me!!), I decided enough was enough and I had to do something now. I drove over to Curry’s/PC world where I could touch and view the machines and hopefully walk away with a cleaner the same day. They had many to view, from a number of brands and models all in different price ranges.

Weighing up the price, the power and whether the machine came with tools, I ended up purchasing the Vax Rapid Power Plus which comes with an array of tools and states that it’s also good for homes with pets, a bonus!

It was easy to assemble, just 2 screws to attach the handle and it was ready to go. It looked different and complicated compared to what I had been used to, but once I read the manual I was away.

It offers a light clean, a deep clean and a rinse mode – impressive!

I followed the instructions to the letter and decided not to mess about but go instantly to the deep clean on my runner. I wasn’t expecting miracles as my runner looked terrible, I was just hoping for acceptable.

I took my time going over my runner, forwards with my finger on the trigger to release the detergent and then slowly backwards to suck it up. I could see the filthy water being collected in the clear tank, it seems to be doing the job. I then proceeded to go over the runner again with the rinse mode, collecting any remaining detergent that might have been left behind.

The runner was damp to the touch so I decided to leave it dry for a few hours before I took a good look.

The time had come for my inspection, It wasn’t what I was expecting at all, I was amazed and ecstatic. My designer runner looked as good as the day I had bought it!!

I was so impressed that I proceeded to try it out on my stairs, also having a lot of foot traffic.

Using one of the attachments that came with the machine, a rotating brush head with a trigger to supply your detergent that easily clips onto the supplied hose. The hose then clicks into the front of the machine with a smaller nozzle that clicks into another port to supply the detergent.

Vax Rapid Power Plus - Review, Vax Rapid Power Plus – Review, Full Body Massage Service
Vax Rapid Power Plus - Review, Vax Rapid Power Plus – Review, Full Body Massage Service

I proceeded to clean my stairs, wow, the rotating brush head isn’t a gimmick, it actually works well cleaning deep and sucking up the detergent i had spayed. My stair carpet has also come up extremely well with the pile all lifted making it look new again.

Then comes the cleaning of your machine

No worries there either, The dirty water collection tank easily unclips from the body of the machine and again, the tank will unclip into two parts for easy cleaning also containing a filter which is easily reached. A simple rinse through under the tap removing any grit collected and leave to air dry.

Defiantly not like my old machine where I had to run water through it and vigorously shack it about to try and remove the dirt which was never completely successful.


  • The Vax Rapid Power Plus is easy to assemble
  • Suction is great with it’s 1200w of power
  • It comes with a bag containing 2.5m hose,2 in 1 Antimicrobial Tool, Spin Scrub Tool, Crevice Tool, 250ml Pre treatment solution, 250ml Post treatment solution and 2509ml Platinum cleaner solution.
  • The mains cord length is 8m
  • The machine isn’t to heavy to use and I could lift it upstairs
  • The manual is easily understood although the print is pale
  • The collection tank is easily cleaned
  • The Vax Rapid Power Plus does exactly what it reports to do
  • It has exceeded my expectations

I am very happy to give the Vax Rapid Power Plus 10/10 for its performance, an amazing piece of kit that has exceeded all my expectations and I strongly believe at the price of £199.00 was worth every penny. I have no doubt that the Vax Rapid Power Plus will over time, save me money from replacing my runner/rugs and carpets.

A great investment!

I hope my informed review has given you an insight before choosing your carpet cleaner.

Thanks for stopping by

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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