Interview with a Female Escort

Interview with a Female Escort

Interview with a Female Escort

Good morning readers,

This is something a bit different, you will be able to see and understand the mindset of ladies who escort. Please don’t judge these ladies who choose this profession, there will always be things and reasons you don’t know.

I approached Sharon a number of weeks ago and asked her if she would be happy to answer some questions for a future post of mine. I assured  her that her identity and would be anonymous and asked if she would be as frank as possible. I’m very pleased to say that Sharon after some thought agreed and this is what she had to say-

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Interview with a Female Escort 

Q. How long have you been escorting?

A. Oh, I have been doing this now for a number of years, hang on, yes, It was 2004 when I started.

Q. Sharon, you are a beautiful women, why did you decide to become an escort?

A. Thanks Sue. It wasn’t planned, I had just left my boyfriend and with no where to go really. I found myself sofa surfing at friends places but you can only do that for so long. I needed money fast to get a place of my own. Escorting came up in a conversation I was having with a friend one day and I thought thats a way to earn money fast. Back then, they had personal columns in your local news paper and you could place adds foc. You had to word it like girl seeking friendship or something like that, It’s a long time ago…

Q. Do you remember your first client?

A. Jesus, do I….I think all Escorts will always remember their first time. It’s like it’s engraved lol

Q. Tell me about your first time?

A. Ok but I’ve never told anyone about this. It was mid week when I got my first call from a man, he sounded nice middle aged. He was straight to the point telling me what he wanted, we agreed a price and I arranged to meet him that night at a hotel.

Q. How did you feel at that point?

A. To be honest I was shaking like a jelly. I questioned myself like “what am I doing”, “can I do this” and “what if he’s an axe murderer. All I knew was I had to do this, I was down to my last £20. which was enough to buy some condoms and a coke at the bar where I had agreed to meet him.

Q. Did you tell anyone where you were going or what you were doing that night?

A. No, I didn’t tell a sole. I was embarrassed that my life had come to this. Escort is a dirty word in the uk and I didn’t want my friends to think of me in that way.

Q. How old were you?

A. I was 20 and thought I knew it all

Q. How did you get to the hotel?

A. I walked, it was only 15 minutes away from where I was staying. It felt like the longest walk of my life though… I was so scared. When I walked into the hotel bar, I was to scared to look around, I had tunnel vision of the bar. I ordered myself a coke and I remember I was shaking so much that it was difficult to get the money out of my purse to pay.

Q. Was your client already in the bar waiting?

A. Possibly, I’m not sure. I was sitting in a corner with my coke constantly telling myself ‘I can do this” Then about 10 minutes later I was approached by a man asking if I was Tracey.

Q. Why Tracey and what was your first impression of this man?

A. I didn’t want to give my real name and thought that there are so many Traceys around that this name would get lost in the crowd. My first impression, ummm… he was older than I thought he would be but still attractive and I remember him smelling as if he had fallen into a bottle of aftershave lol

Q. What happened next?

A. We sat and chattered for a while which helped me calm down. He knew his way around this situation which told me he had done this a number of times. He then asked me to go to his room and as I stood up my legs were shaking so much that I sat back down again. He laughed and asked me if I was ok and if I was still happy to go with him. He then took my hand and helped me up and held my hand as we walked to his room. Once inside he gave me an envelope and asked me to count it in front of him. I did and put it in my bag.

Q. How much did he pay and for how long?

A. £180. for 1 hr

Q. What was that for?

A. He wanted not just sex but a girlfriend experience

Q. Then what happened?

A. He kissed me and started to undress me. Naked but still wearing my heels he led me over to the bed and asked me to lay down while he got naked. I had knots in my stomach and my heart was racing, not because I was excited, because I was so scared and didn’t want to be doing this. I was only there for the money and hoping, I could put on a good enough show for him. He was naked with an erection as he climbed on the bed, it definitely was not a turn on. I dug deep and took control, with plenty of kisses and cuddles.

Q. Did you give oral?

A. Yes, but I put a condom over his cock first. I didn’t know where that cock had been and I sure as hell wasn’t going to have that thing bare in my mouth lol

Q. Did he give you oral?

A. Yes he did, oral is part of a girlfriend experience. Thankfully he did to be honest as my pussy was dry as a bone.

Q. Do you mean he hadn’t pleasured you enough?

A. What I mean is, for me this was work, I didn’t want to be their, he didn’t turn me on and come on you know what us women are like. we can go through the motions and be thinking of other things.

Q. So what were you thinking?

A. Just to give a good experience, get home in one piece and this money was the start of building my deposit for my own place.

Q. Did he last the whole hour?

A. Yes he did, it did feel like a very long hour lol. He wasn’t too demanding and he was kind. I was lucky that he was a kind man for my first experience, it could have been so different.

Q. Have you ever seen him again?

A. Yes, several times during my first year.

Q. How long did it take you to get your own place?

A. I was lucky and within 1 month, I had managed to rent a 3 bedroom house and buy some furniture.

Q. Did you continue to do outcalls?

A. Yes for the next couple of months until I had managed to furnish my home properly and then I started to do incalls. This worked better for me, I felt safer.

Q. At any point did you think about changing your career?

A. Yes many times and I did apply for lot’s of jobs in all fields but when you get knocked back so many times you give up. The income those jobs were offering would have been enough to survive on but not to live on.

Q. 16 years later and you are still an Escort, why do you think that’s the case?

A. Now it’s different, It’s a way of life. I like being my own person, I like nice things and I have learned that the only person I can rely on is me. Escorting gives me the financial freedom to do and be what I want. I haven’t found another job which will pay me enough.

Q. Do your clients buy you gifts?

A. Yes, I have had Dimond earrings, perfume, chocolates, flowers, Gold necklaces, champagne etc..

Q. Last question, do you like your job?

A. Yes, now I do. I have met some lovey guys and some men know how to please a women which helps. There are still many who don’t though lol Over the years I have built up a regular clientele and this makes my job enjoyable.

A huge Thanks to Sharon for agreeing to answer these questions and her frankness.

I hope you all enjoyed the read.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x 

Are there any male escorts out there who would like to answer the same question? I think it would be a great read to get a males point of view. Email me now at


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