October Update 2020

October Update 2020

October updates 2020, October Update 2020, Full Body Massage Service

October Update 2020

October updates 2020, October Update 2020, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Wim van ‘t Einde on Unsplash

October update

Good morning all,

It’s the 1st of October…What a wet miserable morning it is ☹️, oh how I miss the sun already… For me, It feels as if it’s going to be a long winter and especially long if I have to be locked down by myself again… I think, things don’t seem so bad when the sun is out and you are pottering around in your garden, but the thought of lockdown, winter with grey skies sends a shiver down my spine ☹️. Let’s all hope it doesn’t come to that!

On a different note…

VIP Gallery

I did as promised, uploaded a number of pictures to my gallery but it seems as if my gallery has a problem! Apologies for those of you whom have subscribed, please bear with me as this is in hand and should be sorted soon. I will let you all know when it’s sorted.

Some advice please

It has be mentioned many times before and again most recently that I should work later one or two evening a week to accommodate those of you who are working. I thought by offering limited times on the weekend would compensate for this, maybe I have got this wrong. So, some advice please! What day or days of the week would you like me to work later? Please respond, I know so many of you don’t like to comment but your advice on this would be most appreciated. Thx

No Shows

This is an extremely sore subject with me and many people within this industry. I have mentioned this subject many times before but, I guess I still have to bring it up. People are still booking appointments and not turning up and they don’t even bother to text to cancel. Why? I am sure they wouldn’t miss their appointment with their bank manager and i’m sure they would call to cancel or reschedule.

It goes without saying that I understand life can get in the way but please take a moment to consider the ramifications this has for people like myself.

Take Monday for example, I had a 1hr booking for a new client who supposedly gave their full nam for a pro body massage. The setup/preparation is completely different for a professional massage but they didn’t turn up, no call and no text. I did send them a text asking if they are cancelling and asking them to respond but nothing. Because they chose to ignore me, I listed them as a NO SHOW (someone who doesn’t turn up and is a time waster).

Yesterday this person texts me and ask for an appointment for yesterday afternoon. There was no apology, no mention of their missed appointment, so I replied, “you didn’t turn up for your last appointment”? Their reply “NO PROBLEM”. Seriously, the mentality of some people never cease to astonish me. Just a simple text that costs nothing would have been enough…it’s called respect!



I have an array of Bristol CBD Oil on sale. Manufactured under license here in the UK and is classified as an organic food supplement. Yes, it’s a cannabinoid that is legal to digest here in the uk to help with pain relief. Many people swear by CBD Oils healing properties.

On SALE now at low prices with FREE postage in the UK. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing.


I am looking for a Professional Photographer, someone who has vision to tell a story through pictures and is happy to offer advice. A photographer who is comfortable taking erotic (Burlesque) shoots in their studio or on location. One of my shoots isn’t an hour long so, someone who has the stamina to get the end result. Editing would be a requirement, privacy disclosure, digital download and I will own the copyright on all my pictures. In return, I am happy to pay and promote you through my website so you may gain extra work as a result of your imagery.

If this sound like you please contact me urgently 07504937253

October updates 2020, October Update 2020, Full Body Massage Service
October updates 2020, October Update 2020, Full Body Massage Service
Example I am looking for a Professional Photographer who has a vision. Can you produce imagery like this?

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my post.

It’s always a pleasure to hear from you, feel free to comment below or text / Email me at contact@femalemasseuse.co.uk

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x


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