I have received an Invitation to a party and not just any party but an adult party. Have you ever been to one of these? I haven’t and to make sure I understood what one was, I had to ask.

Do you recall a post I had written about swingers last year? I mentioned that I had never been to a swingers party but with my curious mind, I was/am intrigued and would like to be invited to one. Not necessarily to take part but definitely to watch and see how it all works.

My Invitation to this Adult party is along those lines….

The party can be themed and you don’t need to be in a couple to attend, i’m assuming they control the amount of singles who are invited though.

Everyone who accepts is expected to bring a bottle of something and it’s a proper party with music and dancing but you have the possibility to slide off and have some naughty fun. I’m guessing, with someone or a couple if you wish and slide back into the party afterwards. It’s not compulsory to be naughty and you can just go and enjoy the party and watch if you wish. Apparently some couples might even put on a sexy floor show for everyone to watch, wow it sounds like it could be a bit wild at times but fun.

Don’t you think this sounds like the perfect party!

If my house was big enough I think I would host one of these parties just for fun 😀

Have you every been to one of these parties? why not email me your experiences for inclusion to my blog. I would luv to hear how you got on and if you would go again.

Have a great day people and take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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