Lost Love – True Story

Lost Love – True Story

Lost Love

True Story

Guest Writer



Hello all,

I trust you are all enjoying the warmer weather at the moment. As they say ‘Enjoy it why it last”,  further showers are predicted.

Lost Love True Story, Lost Love – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

This true story has been emailed through, it’s a story of true love and if we’re lucky to have experienced it, that love will stay with you forever.

It’s better to have loved and lost, than never loved at all…

Lost Love

A story from a long time ago.

About 20 years ago I was was working for well know Pharmacist.

Kelly and I were more than just work colleagues we were lovers. Kelly was 19 and I was 31, big age gap but that did not bother us. The only thing that bothered us was keeping our love private. Only 2 or 3 of our close friends knew, we tried to keep everything cool at work however when we were out it was amazing and exciting.

One Tuesday night Kelly, myself and our “close” friends were in a popular nightclub. We  weren’t drinking too heavy but we were having a good time. Got to about 10pm and Kelly and I were trying to find somewhere quieter, “take my house key” said Chris. Kelly and I didn’t need a second offer. We said goodbye to our friends and grabbed a taxi to Chris house.

Kelly and I have been waiting ages to have this private time alone.

I took Kelly by the hand and led her upstairs to a bedroom in Chris house. It was not long before Kelly and I were laying down on the bed kissing and stroking each other. Kelly was stunning and I mean stunning, beautiful long hair, legs you could climb up, an arse that could crack walnuts and the most amazing breasts.

We stood up and she stepped out of her heels, I slowly undid her blouse as she undid my shirt, her breasts just smiled at me!  I peeled Kelly out of her skin tight jeans to reveal a thong so small it left nothing to my imagination. I took my trousers off and Kelly knelt down and removed my boxers to reveal a solid cock with its glistening end. I was very excited, Kelly kissed the end of my cock and stood up.

I just looked at Kelly up and down thinking to myself this is the most beautiful girl in the world.

I slowly unhooked her bra to reveal the the breasts of my dreams, slid her tiny thong down here legs to reveal the smoothest and tightest pussy you could imagine.

We embraced kissed and stroked each other, dropping on to on the bed I lifted and spread Kellys legs to to reveal everything I had dreamed of. Slowly I kissed and licked her pussy as she pulled my head deeper in to her pussy moaning with delight, I could taste her excitement.

I sat up, grabbed the lube from the bedside table placed some in both our hands and lubed each other.

Lost Love True Story, Lost Love – True Story, Full Body Massage Service
Lost Love True Story, Lost Love – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Kelly laid back and opened her legs as wide as you dream and pulled me in to her. My cock slid so easily in to her tight pussy.

This wasn’t a filthy Fu ** it was a sensual love making session. Kelly and I had the house alone for two hours, playing stroking kissing, all the possible positions. Kelly told me what she wanted and I delivered her a warm long orgasm. Kelly understand what a wanted and I filled her pussy with my warm cum.

In that two two hours yes we fu**ed but we also just stared in to each other’s eyes and held each other.

Showed and dressed we waited for our friends to come home, they all piled in taking the piss out of us sitting on the sofa, a few comments and knowing looks but not much else said.

Next day at work Chris said to me “ well, how did it go, did you have some good fun?” I said “ no we kissed and talked, didn’t feel right being in your home”.  “Strange” said Chris, “ I could smell your aftershave on my pillow!!!”

I just smiled.

Kelly was and is still very special to me. A young lady who I loved more than anyone else I have ever know. Sadly our lives moved on but there are not many days when I don’t think about the 2 years I got to know her and what life would be like if we were still together.

Thank you to our guest writer for submitting this true story. I always appreciate your content. It would nice if a few more of you emailed your stories through. Rest assured they are completely anonymous and they are your words.

I always think writing your story, no matter the content, it can be a great way to heal a broken heart or remember a lustful moment in time. Email your stories for future posts to contact@femalemasseuse.co.uk Thanks x

Thats all for now people, enjoy your day and take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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