Saturday – Food for Thought

Saturday – Food for Thought

Saturday – Food for thought

Good morning everyone,

A few days ago I was surfing the net and a few pictures popped up from where I used to live. Talk about envious, that didn’t come close. I started to think of my 20+ years living in this town and god how I missed the way of life!


Saturday - Food for Thought, Saturday – Food for Thought, Full Body Massage Service

When your a single women living in the Uk it’s so difficult to just be yourself and go out to bar. You’re automatically labelled and put into a man hungry category. Women give you the look, the evil eye and pull their man closer.

I really despise this part of our culture! Just because I might catch someone’s eye and smile dose not mean I’m after their partner. It simply means, I’m a women on my own who wanted to go out and see something other than my four walls, who doesn’t know anyone and it’s just a kind gesture.

I hate to think how a women in the Uk would behave if another women was actually trying to steal her man. Probably a blood bath!

Yesterday, I was in my garden and looking up at the novel blue sky when I noticed a vapour trail.

A stunning sight to see but this only made me miss my old town even more. I found myself wishing I was returning home.

I quickly had to give myself a stern word and a reality check!

Saturday - Food for Thought, Saturday – Food for Thought, Full Body Massage Service

The life I used to know doesn’t exist anymore, especially since Brexit with all the new rules and regulations and just because I’m British. It was a sobering thought!

It got me thinking and I found myself asking these questions-

  1. If I’m not happy then why don’t I change it?
  2. To have freedom to live as a single women doesn’t mean living in Europe, it could mean internationally but where?
  3. If international, then which countries are safe and worth looking at?
  4. Family and Money are always factors
  5. And then there is medical care to consider
  6. Each country will have a criteria that needs to be met

You have to ask yourself, is it at all possible and do I really need to start again in foreign lands.

As we get older we tend to be rooted in routines we’ve created overtime. Sometimes we instantly dismiss the adventurer hidden within because it’s too much of an up hill struggle or just can’t be bothered to try something new. Maybe you are happy with your lot and have no desire for change.

Change in any form can seem daunting as we get older!

But, I think living in the Uk as we get older and breaking down the average life style, you can see whats left. Our families have grown up and left the nest and you can’t help but question, what’s left and what are are our lives really about?

Our winters can be long, 6 months of cold wet windy weather which is a terrible culprit that attacks our bodies and minds. We tend to stay within our four walls huddled around a fire or monitor how long the central heating is switched on for.

We end up going to work coming home eating tv then bed and if you are lucky, you might have an evening out on a Friday/Saturday. The routine is the same, week in and week out. This isn’t what I call living, it’s just existing until the weather warms up again.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to just exist I live, I want to wake up to blue skies and a warmer climate, I want to see new things, meet interesting people, I want to smile and I want to enjoy what’s left of my life…

Do you feel the same as me and if so where would you go?

I guess, on this Saturday a little food for thought doesn’t hurt anyone. I would luv to hear your thoughts or suggestions. Don’t be shy and email me at

As always have a great day and take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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Saturday - Food for Thought, Saturday – Food for Thought, Full Body Massage Service

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