Sunday morning – Last day of February

Sunday morning – Last day of February

Sunday Morning

Last day of February

Good morning all,

I’ve been up since the crack of dawn, it’s rather fresh with a dense mist but I’m hoping we will see fabulous weather as we did yesterday. I popped over to buy some paint yesterday to touch up my studio walls and I saw many brave souls out wearing shorts.

Sunday Morning, Sunday morning – Last day of February, Full Body Massage Service

We’ve had some lovely weather, but for me, it isn’t warm enough just jet for shorts. You have to admire the brave souls and you will probably only see this in the UK…lol

What are up all up to this Sunday?

There is always lots to do when the suns out, it’s weird how we behave like lemmings as soon as we see a bright sunny day. It normally happens on Sundays, you hear one lawnmower start and then suddenly you’re surrounded by them going off everywhere.

Then there’s the Sunday drive out, everyone, it seems and all at once decides to take a drive out, they meander along without a care in the world and usually at low speed lol.

With the sun you also get the DIY enthusiasts, I think i’ll just do that small job thats been waiting for months. A quick trip to there local DIY store. We all have good intentions.

My Sunday

Busy bee 🐝 today, Painting already completed and now a deep clean of my studio, a refresh of all my work linen. If time permits, then I will plant my lupins and making sure my copper slug rings are firmly in-place and you never know, I might start off the lawnmower brigade hehe.

Ok people, what ever you decide to get up to today this Sunday, have fun and make the last day of February count!

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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