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This weekend will see the start of some great consistent weather for us all in the East of the UK. It’s defiantly time to clean down your barbecues and enjoy a gin and tonic or a glass of vino while watching the man of the house do the cooking. If you don’t have a barbecue and fancy ago, Tesco has a bucket barbecue for under £9.00. It’s small but ideal if theres only a couple of you in your household and especially, if you want to test barbecuing out for the first time.

I have just bought myself a selfi stick, umm this is going to be a bit of fun trying this out and feel there could be a few cheeky pic’s coming. Oh the joys of technology lol. I will let you know how I get on with my new toy.

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Top Tips

A few top tips to keep you from blowing a gasket and making life a little easier.

To keep your unused paint fresh and pliable for use next year, add a few tablespoons of methylated spirits. Leave it to sit on top of the paint, do not stir and seal the tub. This will prevent your paint from forming a thick lumpy crust.

Do you have creaky door hinge or maybe creaky floorboards ? Apply some talcum powder to that noisy hinge for a quieter room. Oils such as vegetable or olive oil can also be used on hingers by apply to a cloth and then the hinge.

It’s that time of year again when you need a watering can. Take a large plastic milk milk container or bleach bottle, thoroughly clean and then punch a few holes in the cap by using a nail and hammer. Now you have a watering can.

Barbecue season and you forgot the firelighters. Cut off the top of a wax coated carton (juice carton), place in the BQ, stack the coals inside the cut off container and around it. The wax-coated carton will produce a hot flame around them.

Tired of seeing your ladies shoes everywhere? Take some wood measured in length and width for the amount of shoes she has. Drill hole sizes to fit the heels, and mount the panel so it stands proud of the cupboard wall.

For ugly scratches in your table tops try this. Instant coffee a little hot water making a paste gently rub this mixture into the scratches. You may need to do this several times. You can also use shoe polish which has the added benefit of being available in array of colours.

Does the sound of a dripping tap drive you crazy? Try this out until until a permanent repair is possible. Cut a piece of dental floss and wrap one end around the dripping tap, then lay the rest into the basin. The drips will adhere to the floss and you’ll be able to get some peace.

Working with wood, wood screws turn more easily in tight-fitting holes when the threads are rubbed with a slightly wet bar of soap.

Photo by Danny de Jong on Unsplash

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