Hello Weekend

Hello Weekend

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Hello Weekend

Morning readers,

Don’t you just love weekends? How weird is it, that although everyday feels the same throughout lockdown, somehow, the weekends still feel as if you can let go and act how you want. I just luv weekends, it’s a weird sense of freedom and ladies, its a chance to unleash your boobies and bounce wherever you want.

However, this look might be a bit much!

Guy’s, you have no idea what ladies put themselves through and just so we can feel better about ourselves and to keep your men interested.

  • From wear a bra daily
  • Wearing heels to make our legs look elegant
  • Visits to the hairdressers having our roots touched up (nothing worse than skunk line of hair growth)
  • Shaving or waxing our lady bits and pieces
  • Wearing makeup
  • Skincare products
  • Manicure of finger nails
  • Some ladies will rejuvenate their fillers
  • Aerobics classes

The list is endless and all in an effort to try and maintain and do the best with what we’re born with, and especially as the years increase.


Society dictates in so many ways how a lady is expected to look. In my opinion, it’s not all bad, it encourages women to strive forward, to loose those few extra pounds and to care about their appearance. It becomes completely wrong when fashion houses use size zero women to showcase their products. These women are undernourished and not real women, and in turn, will encumber the visions and believes of teenagers on how and what a real women body should look like.


Now, most women would say that men get off scott free with their body regimes. The last ten years or so has seen men start to care more about their bodily appearance. Men engage in facials, when they go to the barbers, some men will have their moustache or beard colour touched and groomed. Some men have become brave enough to have their body parts waxed all in annatemp to look and feel better. I think it’s nice to see a man who cares about their appearance.

In my opinion, as a man gets older he seems to become distinguished and in many cases, his charisma and charm has grown making him handsome, don’t you agree ladies? I know what you’re saying ladies, us women don’t get that privilege and that’s why so many ladies will say “men get off scott free.”


If we’re not working, then yes, the weekend is a time to forget our bodily regimes for a day or two and be free to act and do what every we want, and say “hello weekend.”

Wether you decide to be a couch potato for a day, take a long walk with your partner or sing and dance around your kitchen as if your life depends on it. who cares, it’s the weekend!

What ever you decide to do today fave fun and make it count!

Thanks for popping in and take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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  1. Come on Sue that’s a bit harsh!!!! Some of us men take a good 5 mins to get ready😂. Think I’m the biggest tart in the house with conditioners, moisturising, shaving and hair products. You are right though, as i get older I seem to care more about my looks (exception of weight😩, that’s another story). Hate leaving the house at the moment with hair looking like a bush. Nothing better than a visit to the barber for a sharp cut and trim. As I get older I seem to be having hair grow from my ears and nose at an alarming rate!
    Think it’s a confidence thing, look good feel good.
    Just like you though I never wear a bra at the weekend not even when I’m exercising!

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