“Where to begin”

“Where to begin”

" Where to begin"

E bike Van Life Business for sale, “Where to begin”, Full Body Massage Service

Hello people,

Yes I know, i’ve been absent for sometime. “Where to begin”, it’s not always easy to find where to begin so i’m just going to jump in and let’s see where I end up.

Firstly, I would just like to apologise for not posting sooner. One day rolls into  2 and before you know it weeks have past. I swear it’s those Astrazeneca jabs I had, I haven’t been able to function properly since. Brain fog, loosing track of time, unable to join the dots up…I could go on and on, but whats the point, nobody is in interested and especially doctors! does that sound familiar to anyone? From my comments you have probably gathered that I have been struggling in more ways than one lol Just keep smiling 🙂

Enough of all that…


You may have seen my last post [“Are you Interested”?] stating my business is up for sale, don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. I’ve received many texts asking if i’m still working and of course I am. I would never just disappear and I did say I would let you know how things were going.

I’ve had quite a few enquires to be honest, It has surprised me. A few ladies but predominately gents who would love to invest/silent partner but just don’t know any ladies who would be interested.

This could be a win win scenario for someone, so if you know of a lady who might be interested then please let me know and I will try and put the 2 together.

Theres no rush in achieving a sale but, if you are interested, a percentage of the agreed sale acting as a non refundable deposit will secure a completion date of up to 12 months and possibly longer by agreement.

Food for thought, do I hear your cogs grinding away… lol

Exploring new ideas

With my early morning rise day after day, I have been exploring a number of things and you will see how my head has been, literally all over the place, no laughing! One of the things I’ve come across is E bikes. My mind has been off doing its thing as usual.

Basically I was trying to find something I can physically do to curtail my weight and regain a certain level of fitness and after looking at numerous E bikes in all different specs and some with serious price tags, I stumbled upon this one. What do you think? It seems to fit the bill for my physical problems the only thing for me currently, is sadly the price but a lady can dream.

Check this E bike out!

I love it and wish I could buy one but please tell me what you think. Am I missing anything or have I overlooked something? I’m a complete novice when it comes to bikes so please send me your feedback.


Motor 750-watt High-Speed Brushless Motor
Battery 48 volt 14 amp-hour
Max Load 330 lbs (150 kg)
Range 50 miles (80 km)
Rider Height 5’1″ ~ 6’2″ (155cm ~ 190cm)
Included Battery, charger, air pump, assembly toolset,
assembly guide, battery manual, user manual, free stickers
Warranty 2 Years


Motor 750 watt (1000 watt peak), 80 N.m high-speed electric bike motor
Battery 48 volt 14amp-hour LG/Samsung lithium battery. Waterproof IP65 (included)
Range 25~50 miles (40~80 km)
Charger Standard 110V~240V AC, 54.6V 2Ah Smart Charger (included)
Battery Charge Time 4~7 hours
Battery Lifetime 800 charges
Frame 6061 Aluminium full suspension frame

The spec continues with many more feature all for the price of £2099- Visit their website for further information cyrusher.co.uk They are UK based and have fantastic reviews.

E bike Van Life Business for sale, “Where to begin”, Full Body Massage Service
E bike Van Life Business for sale, “Where to begin”, Full Body Massage Service
E bike Van Life Business for sale, “Where to begin”, Full Body Massage Service

Van Life

Another thing I came across which I found really interesting, especially since my background was leisure, many moons ago, is Van life. Of course, my mind didn’t just wander off, it took off at the speed of lightning  lol

Wow, the thought of just being free, to feel and see life, to experience all that you want and when at your fingertips is definitely appealing, don’t you think?

Like everything, it does come at a price! You need a van and not just any van if you intending to live full time. I’m talking space, well for me I would need some if I jumped in to full-time van life, but there are some people living in small vans.

Then there is also the fitting out, it becomes a little more difficult, if like me, you don’t have power tools to work on it by yourself and I would say the know-how. There are some many YouTube videos out there explaining how to do things, that working on it yourself shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

However, if you are looking for a polished finish, a home from home feel then you would need to seek a professional, someone who knows how to do van conversions.

Depending on what gizmo’s you need to install i.e recycling shower, Lithium batteries as opposed to your normal leisure batteries, hot water, solar etc etc the price can run away. A van fitter with materials will range from £15,000 to £60,000+

Then there’s also income to think about. I asked myself this question, How would I generate an income living in a van? Maybe I should setup a youtube channel “Female masseuse gone wild” lol This would probably take years before it generated an income.

Again, I would love to hear you thoughts on this? be as wild and colourful as you can, you never know it might just work!

What If I created a tour for massage, I could advertise the dates, this would entail myself booking into a motel and my clients visiting me there for their treatment…. just a thought!

The 3 images of the beautiful van conversion show just how luxurious life could be. The van conversion has been undertaken by Darly Lloyd a carpenter specialising in kitchens, cabinetry and now van conversions. He’s located here in the UK @eyesopen_vanlife_workshop  The conversion is housed within a VW Volkswagon Crafter.

I bet you want one of these now you’ve seen whats possible, I’m just adding it to my wants list too lol

Maybe I should set up a go fund me page? Do you think this would work?

E bike Van Life Business for sale, “Where to begin”, Full Body Massage Service
E bike Van Life Business for sale, “Where to begin”, Full Body Massage Service
E bike Van Life Business for sale, “Where to begin”, Full Body Massage Service

I always say it costs nothing to dream, sometimes if you’re lucky, dreams come true!

On that note it’s time for me to love and leave you all now. Have a great day people and please don’t be shy and send me your thoughts. It always lovely to receive your emails and gives me strength to dream a little more.

Bye for now,

Sue x

Email – contact@femalemasseuse.co.uk

E bike Van Life Business for sale, “Where to begin”, Full Body Massage Service

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