Monday Morning

Monday Morning

It’s Monday Morning

Good morning readers,

Yes it’s Monday again…I trust you all had a good weekend although probably limited due to the weather we’ve been having. Here in the East, the winds are still fairly strong this morning and I can hear the wind howling up in the trees still.

I thought a picture of me wearing boots would be appropriate today, what do you think?

You are always welcome to leave your comments below, Please be kind lol

Monday morning, Monday Morning, Full Body Massage Service

After I posted my rant on lockdown looming a couple of days ago, it’s was warming to hear from so may of you. You all pretty much said that you agreed with me and if I ever ran for election, you would vote for me lol It was very kind of you all but don’t worry, I won’t be changing jobs just yet 🤣🤣🤣

I did venture over to Tesco to do a shop myself, no panic buying involved on my part. However, I did see trolleys over flowing, I guess you can’t blame some people for buying extra. Some people are scared, some people last time around were left with empty shelves to buy from and want to be prepared this time just incase they can’t get to the shops, if and when the prime minister decides to lock us down again.

It’s crazy times, so please don’t judge to harshly those who are scared of what might come. Providing food for their loved ones is a normal human quality. Granted, if their trolly is full of toilet rolls then feel free to ask if they have toilet disposition 🤣🤣

This week we will see the last few days of September and the start of October. Now, I don’t know about you but crikey, I find myself looking back and remembering how time dragged though out the lockdown and now i’m asking myself where has time gone? This year is a write off in more ways than one but it’s difficult for me to accept with my character. I always give myself tasks to achieve and feel as if this year I haven’t managed to cross anything off my list. Am I alone in my thoughts?

I managed to have a small photo session with a friend of mine last week and thought I would have managed to get them uploaded, but time has just flown by. I will endeavour to get them uploaded today for you. I hope you all like them.

Another busy week ahead for me with appointments and online work so I must crack on. I would luv to receive some stories from you, they can be sent to me at – please get sending 😀

Thank you for your continued support, it’s always appreciated.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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