Young Lovers – True Story

Young Lovers – True Story

Young Lovers

True story



Good Morning,

It’s definitely time for another true story of mine. Here is a true story from my youth, we were young lovers for many years and I hope my true story will bring a smile and maybe even take you back to another time.

I hope you enjoy the read!

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Young Lovers ~ True Story

I was extremely lucky and privileged growing up, my parents worked very hard and were self made which enabled my parents eventually to buy a huge victorian house. My parents painstakingly renovated the entire house but left the character and charm having it restored where needed. The house sat in a built up area which and was encapsulated by an acre of beautifully sculptured mature gardens in a seaside location.

It was a beautiful house with high ceilings, tall windows with deep low windowsills and huge iron drain pipes that scattered the building.

One night I had gone out to see my longstanding boyfriend, we were always tactile with one another but mindful that with us, things could always warm up quickly. We decided to walk down to the front (seaside) so hand in hand we walked the couple of miles. Back then there were always lots of people about and the pier housed an arcade with loads of gaming machine, 6 pool tables and a jukebox which was always loudly playing some great tunes.

It was great times playing our pool and hustling the newbies that often popped in from surrounding areas to show off their moves. We didn’t loose that many games and our winnings would always help to fund our night out.

This particular night we were both hot for each other, snugly brushing past each other as we cued up and took our shots and fuelling the fire inside which was growing by the minute. Time was ticking and with living at home I respected the curfew my parents had put in place but we also wanted a few moments alone to dampen the flames.

As we left to make our way back home the wind was howling off the sea, actually it was freezing as I recall. snuggled up close grabbing the odd kiss as we walked home. The path we followed took us up a steep incline which opened up to the start of a road and to our left, a built area full of garages. We both looked at each other and hurriedly walked towards the garages. we couldn’t be seen by the houses and it was sheltered by the wind.

Kiss after kiss ignited the passion undoing our jackets and snuggling up close for warmth our hands caressing and exploring each other as we had done so many times before. His hand lowered to unfasten my jeans and slipping his hand beneath my panties he was quickly on-point and playing with my clit. It was exciting especially with a little danger thrown in. Our tongues met again as we passionately kissed some more, my hand rubbing his jeans where his erect cock lay. I unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out so I could play with it. Rubbing and stroking it gently I glanced down to see his cock glisten from in the distant light of a street light. We were both so ready for each other and started to pull my jeans down a little when all of a sudden the lights from a car came rushing into the the garages. I was lucky, my coat was long and covered me instantly but my boyfriend was wearing a jacket. He quickly turned around quickly trying to cover his manhood.

Phew, that was a close call we both said and laughed about it as we continued our walk home. Cuddling and kissing goodnight my boyfriend left as I entered my home. I said goodnight to my parents and upstairs I went thinking of what just happened and how close we came to getting caught. Undressed and pj’s on I slipped into bed and reached to turn off the light. It must have been 10 or 15 minutes later as I was entering my doze mode when I heard something hit my window then again and again. I walked over to the window and in the moonlight I could see my boyfriend, I opened the window and said what are you doing? we have something unfinished he said as he climbed up the drainpipe and clambered into my bedroom and my parents watching a movie in the lounge below.

It was scary, the for-bided but it made all the more exciting. Within seconds we were both naked and in my bed, hands touching and caressing as young lovers do. It was hot, we both wanted each other as we rolled around in my bed. His finger entered me with ease as my v-jj was wet and wanting.

Young lovers - true story, Young Lovers – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

There was no time to spare as my parents were up. I straddled him tacking his throbbing cock in my hand and slowly guiding it in to my wet v-jj. Within a few seconds, I had managed to take him all inside. I started to move gliding up and down his shaft feeling him deep inside me. His hands on each side of my cheeks encouraging the rhythm as he lift his pelvis up to meet my flowing v-jj on the way down.

Picking up the pace my headboard start to hit the wall, quickly my boyfriend holds the headboard and I stop moving, we both listen to hear if there is any movement from downstairs. Nothing! we are in the clear, With his hands firmly against the headboard my rhythm is fast and eager. He’s breathing is deep and erratic, I’m now panting furiously with every deep motion.

I become overwhelmed with passion and loose myself in the moment, riding his cock like my life depended on it and then moments later he cums deep inside me followed by my explosion of desire.

Sliding off him, we lay in each others arms quietly laughing about our evenings events. The warmth and security I felt in his arms soon allowed me to drift off to sleep. I was woken abruptly by him 6am rushing around like a mad man as he too had fallen asleep and had to leave through the window before my parents woke imminently.

We laughed about it for weeks later. The things young lovers do when their hormones are racing lol

Did you enjoy my story?

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Take care of you and yours and I hope to hear from you all soon.

Sue x

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