Curious pleasure  ~ Many Years Ago ~ True Story

Curious pleasure ~ Many Years Ago ~ True Story

Curious Pleasure Many Years Ago True Story, Curious pleasure  ~ Many Years Ago ~ True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Curious Pleasure ~ Many Years Ago

True Story


Good morning all,

Another cold snowy day! The wind through the night has blown the snow into drifts around my home. In some areas, its deeper than my little dog. She hasn’t been able to walk out in it, she’s had to jump bless her. She’s not impressed lol

Back to my short True Story…

I have seriously hummed and hawed before writing this True Story on a Curious Pleasure. Asking myself, “Is this True story too close to the bone”, “is it inappropriate and should it be left in my locked vault, hidden deep within?”

Thats where this True Story has lived for many years until now. A new era, a new outlook and more openness are my thoughts… Here goes!

Curious Pleasure ~ Many years ago

Many years ago, I was in a relationship for a number of years. It was an on off kind of relationship as much my fault as his. You know the type i’m on about, the bitter sweetness of it all.

My fault was, although I liked him a lot through all his sarcasm there was still something not right. We had a great sex life, as the Martini adverts would say “anytime, anyplace, anywhere” so the adventure was always there.

I think at that time I wasn’t worldly enough to understand my body and what my body needed. You see, as I said previously, sex was good i.e exciting and fun, I still hadn’t climaxed with a man and longed to experience the unity, the magic.

My body was receptive and my mind was willing but alas, it didn’t happen and I would question myself “there has to be more to it than this!”

Curious Pleasure

One night we found ourselves alone, we had been watching a movie snuggled up on the sofa, when you’re young, your hormones are heightened beyond believe. Just snuggling would ignite the fire and this evening was no different.

What started off with a hand on each others leg soon became wandering hands and intense kisses as we slid off the sofa together.

Grabbing at each others clothing as if time was running out, we were both naked in a matter of seconds. Our bodies intwined and writhing around on the lounge floor kissing passionately.

Just the light from the TV lit the room and glimmered across our bodies. With our pulses racing, the adventure became intense. As I watched him move down my slender body towards my v-jj.

He started to kiss this area and eventually his tongue slipped between my lips where he played for sometime. I know he didn’t much like giving oral, it wasn’t his thing so for me this was a treat.

Now with my internal flame roaring out of control and the tingling pleasure becoming unbearably pleasurable and so desperately wanting to experience a climax and, especially with my curious mind, I think at that moment, I would have agreed to anything.

Curious Pleasure Many Years Ago True Story, Curious pleasure  ~ Many Years Ago ~ True Story, Full Body Massage Service

He reached at the fruit bowl, grabbed at a banana, peeled the skin back and with a massive grin on his face, he inserted the banana into my v-jj.

A curious pleasure for a moment or two. He then when down to eat the banana from my v-jj. It was exciting to watch, but still, it didn’t have the desired effect I so desperately wanted.

After eating half the banana, we both decided that was enough as I pushed the remainder from my v-jj. Within seconds, he was on top of me like a rabid animal, inserting his ridged cock deep into my v-jj with one thrust.

Many deep thrusts followed, the curious pleasure of the banana had worked its magic for him, now filling my v-jj with his explosion of cum.

Yes, I had fun, yes it was different, but I was still left wondering what a climax would feel like.

It would be years later before I would experience the longing fulfilment of the eluded climax and I don’t think he eat a banana for many years either….

My curious mind has a lot to answer for and has led me down some strange, funny and exciting paths! Do you have a curious mind??

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Curious Pleasure Many Years Ago True Story, Curious pleasure  ~ Many Years Ago ~ True Story, Full Body Massage Service

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