Snowy Sunday

Snowy Sunday

Snowy Sunday

Good morning readers,

It’s a Snowy Sunday here is the East, I woke up early this morning disappointed that the snow hadn’t arrived.

Since my fingers have been tapping away on my keyboard, catching-up on some IT bits, the snow is now falling.

Like a child, I couldn’t wait to open the kitchen door to see the magic. Blimey, the wind is a bit fresh to say the least. It’s now coming down thick and fast, and it’s settling where it falls.

Its days and moments like this, when being alone feels very lonely. A time when you wish you had someone to share the magic with, to play in the snow like a child and then snuggle up together by the fire with a hot mug of tea.

Children of all ages will be chomping at the bit to play in the snow with no regard for the freezing conditions. A lot of parents will be feeling the cold just by looking out the window lol. Normally, when we’ve experienced snow, we don’t get the blizzard accompanying winds.

I must say, I do not envy those parents who have to appease their children in the snow this morning. “Brrr” it is truly freezing conditions out there at the mo.

I think my inner child will wait until the blizzard conditions subside before I venture out to play…lol

When I opened the door, even the dog took one look as a massive gust of snow blew into her face, she quickly turned around and ran off to her bed with her legs crossed. Defiantly time to turn the heating up and put a good movie on. Any good movie recommendations for later???

Wrap up, stay warm and enjoy the snow from a window.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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Cheeky Pic to warm you up 🤭

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