Good Morning & Hi There πŸ˜€

Good Morning & Hi There πŸ˜€

Good Morning


Hi There 😀

Hi there,

There’s nothing like a fresh Monday morning and a hot cup of coffee to get your day started!

Yes, my blog has been quiet and so, here I am trying to address that right now.

Good Morning & Hi There 😀, Good Morning & Hi There 😀, Full Body Massage Service

I’ve been a busy lady what with one thing and another as i’m sure many of you have. Lot’s of soul searching, realising what doesn’t work and trying to implement things that do and, not forgetting making those important plans for this coming year.

I think when you’ve decided on what goals you wish to achieve this year, I believe baby steps towards each goal are needed for that longed for result.

Do I share with you or not, that’s the question

The answer is not all of them, a lady has to keep something in reserve 😀

What I can tell you is, I want to see my parents whom I haven’t been able to see in years because of restrictions etc. My aim is to see them no matter what this year as time is ticking and my parents aren’t getting any younger. It would break my heart if anything happened to either of them before I have a chance to visit.

Another goal is to lose all this excessive weight gain, mainly down to the meds i’ve been on and unable to move normally because of my back and sciatica. It’s been a long long road ( That’s a line from a song I used to sing “He ain’t heavy he’s my brother”), and still I feel I have a mountain to climb. I am a determined lady in many aspects of my life (Not my Luv life lol), so i’m sure, with some radical changes, I will achieve my normal weight sooner rather than later.



There is one thing that will happen this year that is completely out of the box for me and nothing like I have been part of before. It will be held on a specific date and at a different location. If the event is a success, then I will add another date. This should happen sometime towards mid summer. I can’t tell you anymore details at the moment as they haven’t all been ironed out yet. Suspense suspense lol

Good Morning & Hi There 😀, Good Morning & Hi There 😀, Full Body Massage Service

My Work

My working life has been up and down as you are all aware, but i’m determined to get back to a kind of normality and hopefully work longer hours for you. This has been the most requested from your lips (” why can’t you see me at 7pm”, “why can’t I book Saturday afternoon”) just a couple of examples.

I have listened and hopefully, I will be able to accommodate many of your request soon, especially working later. It’s a lot easier for me to work later when the evenings draw out so please be patient, it will happen!

New Clients

Please be aware that I will only accept bookings once i’ve spoken to you and you must call me with your number displayed. Thanks

Ok people lovely to touch base with you all today but I have much to do so this is were I luv and leave you for now.

Take care as always,

Sue x

PS There is still time to print off your voucher and book in for January, don’t miss out!

Email me at with your comments, articles, stories etc.thx

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