“It’s Friday”

“It’s Friday”

“It’s Friday”

Hello people,

Well, it’s Friday again and I believe it’s the day before the storm so to speak. Looking at the long weather chart, it’s set to get colder and we are supposed to receive snow later on tomorrow which continues through to Monday evening.

I luv the snow if I don’t have to travel in it, I can watch it fall and enjoy vision of something new. It makes me dream for a while as the landscape take on an untouched a new dimension. I can pretend all is well in the world and it’s the start of something new. Oh, if only our dreams could become reality!

Ok, back to the real world lol

"It's Friday", “It’s Friday”, Full Body Massage Service
Cheeky pic

Erotrica for ladies

My new page “Erotica for Ladies” became live yesterday. A new page where ladies can view the male form in all its glory. After-all, ladies deserve a page of their own, don’t you think? Hopefully you will see the new page is presented with some class and should be seen as just fun!

I know there are many gents who enjoy taking pictures, so now, this page is where you can, if you wish, display your images. All I would say is “be creative with your images  and have fun”. Ladies enjoy and can appreciate the male form of all shapes and sizes just as men do with the female form.

Do you have comments relating to the new page? Let me know your thoughts. Email your pictures and comments to contact@femalemasseuse.co.uk and quote new page.

"It's Friday", “It’s Friday”, Full Body Massage Service


Just a brief update. As you all know, I started my new regime on the 1st February. I decided to hit it hard the first day, starting off with a long walk with my dog through the forest. I was really enjoying the fresh air and seeing something different. I hadn’t taken this walk since before I left the Uk, 20+ years ago. Everything was going great, my little dog was enjoying the adventure and all the new smells. Occasionally, I would have to pick her up over the large puddles (she’s only got little legs) and guide her away from thorns as she’s almost blind, but in all, very enjoyable.

On our return, we had been walking for approximately 45mins when my four legged companion decides to stop dead in her tracks. She has decided, she has walked far enough lol With much coaxing and many stop and starts, and an hour later, we managed to get home. I think the walk was too far for her, she laid on her belly for most of the day just watching me.

Another lesson learned, everything thing in moderation, don’t just jump in – that’s me all over haha.


"It's Friday", “It’s Friday”, Full Body Massage Service
I'm not walking any further!
"It's Friday", “It’s Friday”, Full Body Massage Service


My brain isn’t functioning, it’s decided to take a vacation just when I need it the most. This is where you can help me out if you wouldn’t mind. I need some suggestions for future posts. It’s been a while since I’ve received any questions for Sue’s Agony Aunt, maybe someone has a question? Is there a new page you would like to see on my site? All your suggestions are needed at the moment so please help a lady in her hour of need. 😳

With that thought, I will wish you all a good day and hope to hear from some of you soon.

Take care of you and yours as always,

Sue x

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