My Car – Short Story

My Car – Short Story

My Car ~ A Short Story

Good morning readers,

How are you all? I hope you are all still sane of mind, I’m struggling with lack of motivation and brain fog. Probably like many of you, there’s not a lot of excitement in my life at the moment, it’s pretty boring to say the least.

My Car - Short story, My Car – Short Story, Full Body Massage Service

However, most of you will be aware that I changed my car last year, it was a gift from my dad. I engaged a driver to deliver the car and he mentioned that the 2 batteries were completely flat and had to be charged for 24hrs before he could drive it.

knowing that eventually, at least one of the batteries would need to changed but as long as i took it out every couple of day for charge, I could stretch the length of the batteries life.

All was fine until the huge amount of snow we’ve just had.

Yesterday I went out with a soft broom to brush off the 12inches of snow that had accumulated all over my car and thought I would start the engine. Nope just an err err err great I thought.

Looking around for a way to lift the bonnet, I eventually found a leaver. With hydraulic arms, it was easy to lift. Looking inside the engine, it was not what i’ve been used to seeing. I had no idea where the battery was, there was engine cover after cover, a minefield for a novice!

I know what I will do, I will video call my dad, he will have all the answers, piece of cake!

I had already found the mains extension cord and the battery trickle charger so I was armed for the instructions from my dad.

After a chat, dad said, turn the camera round so I can see and I will talk you through it. Great this is going to be easy or so I thought!

This car has a fancy battery cover held in by clips and not easy to get to especially with freezing cold hand but with many attempts later, I managed to remove the case.

he explained that I couldn’t remove the battery as this car will need to be reset, you have to add a new battery while still keeping the original battery in situ.

Anyway, he was explaining my next steps when I said “hand on, I need to put the phone down to use both hands”. I placed it down on the front lip above the front grill and carried on doing as I was instructed.

In my hast, I must have knocked my phone as I heard it slip down into the front of the engine NO NO NO I yelled and screamed and swore because a cheap car doesn’t have an under engine case. Normally, if you drop something it would slide through to the ground.

Oh no, thats not the case with this car! There I am still talking to my dad and my mum is laughing her socks off listening to me cursing for the world to hear and my phone is somewhere in the engine.

Fleeting seconds, I envision all the things and problems I will have to go through if I can’t find my phone, just sheer panic at the thought and then I see it. It’s fallen down just behind the grill to a ledge.

Gloves off and i’m try to squeeze my hand through a few inches of a gap just inside the engine, nope thats not working, my mum pipes up “what about bbq tongues”? “No that wont work” I said, they would need to have rubber on them to form a grip.

“Stay there” I said to them, I’m going inside the house to see if I can find something to help, still cursing but decide on a wooden spoon. I was thinking if I could slide it along the shelf then maybe I might be able to reach it.

Both my parents were in hysterics as I tried to move my phone along the edge but the wooden spoon wasn’t quite long enough and with my cold fingers, I dropped it too.

More foul language erupted from my lips and my parents were roaring with laughter although I wasn’t finding my situation funny at all…

My dad said “look, just calm yourself down and look again”.

I bent down in front of the grill and I could see my phone through the grill. sliding and forcing my fingers through the front grill I could feel the phone. Now, I have freezing cold fingers both sets through the front grill teasing the phone up knowing, if I drop it, it will end up beside the wooden spoon at the bottom of the engine.

Eventually I managed to hold onto it and angle it through the front grill, what a relief that was and not my finest hour, although it gave my parents a good laugh.

I finished hooking up the trickle battery and was told to leave it over night, I haven’t checked it this morning yet, so fingers crossed it will be charged up enough to start.

Just another chapter, things are never easy in my life!

The moral, more calm less hast and keep smiling….Umm yes easier said than done sometimes!

Have a great day and take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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