Our four legged friends

Our four legged friends

Our four legged friends

Good morning,

Our four legged friends are a joy to have around and enrich our lives. Especial dogs who always greet us with their body wiggle and wagging tails. Their unconditional love of us humans is endless and in many cases our four legged friends are better companions than many of our human friends.

Like so many of you, my four legged friend was a godsend throughout lockdown, she was companionships and a reason to get up in the morning. If you’ve read my post you will all know she is my best friend who know all my secrets lol

Those of you who have a four legged friend will know exactly what I mean…

True it’s not all singing and roses when you have a four legged friend to care for. Pets can be demanding, especially on your time, but they give so much more in return. When you’re an owner of a pet, generally, people want the best for the friend. Keeping their health in good shape, making sure they have toys to play with, taking them for daily walks, the list is endless and a good person will always strive to do this.

Our four legged friends, Our four legged friends, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Humphrey Muleba from Pexels

What about the grooming of your four legged friend?

If your pet has hair that grows like mine then you will need to have your pet groomed regularly and this isn’t always available and can be hard on the pocket.

About 5 years ago, I decided I would give this grooming lark ago. After all, how hard could it be?

I searched Amazon for some grooming clippers, they were reasonably priced. I worked out that for the price of 2 grooming sessions the clippers were a good investment. They arrived the next day and being a women, I did read the instruction and dare I say thats something men don’t do lol

All set up with my dog between my legs (keep it clean people) I start to clip off her hair. She wasn’t impressed, wriggling around and the sound of the clippers was pretty intimidating. This was easy, a few more glide throughs. I let my dog sit up and take 5 minutes before I finished as she was a little distressed by it all bless her. I could then view my master piece and then realised why she might have been distressed…

Omg I thought, what the hell have I done. Even if I wanted to stop the grooming, I couldn’t, She looked like a bit-sa a bit this dog a bit of that dog and certainly didn’t look like she had been groomed. I continued trying to do the best by my four legged friend, shaping her hair, a bit more off here and there  until hours later it was time to give up.

I gave her a bath thinking that would help the out come and it would get rid of the loose hair, a quick blow dry and she was finished. Not perfect but at least she was clean and cooler.

Rushing around, I eventually turned up at my son’s house with my friend in my arms and the first words he said to me was – “WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO YOUR DOG”, “what do you mean” I said,  I have just groomed and bathed her. He said have you seen the Specsavers advert where the old man takes his shears and cuts the hair off his sheepdog thinking it’s one of his sheep. “Yes” I said, well thats what your poor dog looks like lol

I guess there is a moral to this story… Don’t give up my day job!

Our four legged friends, Our four legged friends, Full Body Massage Service
Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels

Thanks for taking 5 minutes to read my post and your continued support.

I would very much like to hear any of your stories you have tucked away. Please send your content via email to contact@femalemasseuse.co.uk

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x


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