Sunday Morning – Updates

Sunday Morning – Updates

Sunday Morning – Updates

Good morning to you all on this brisk Sunday morning.

I just wanted to say hello and touch base with you all today. I have a few things coming up in December that might interest you but I will come back to that shortly.

Sunday Morning Updates, Sunday Morning – Updates, Full Body Massage Service


So whats been going on that I can update you about?

My Mouse

Did you read my post on my unexpected mouse? Christmas comes early After spending the day trimming up, the guilt had set in became colder and colder that evening had become. I kept thinking I had destroyed the little mouses home. I know I shouldn’t encourage the situation but because i’m soft and a bit stupid sometimes, I decided the next morning, to build her a knew home. I scooped her home out of my old xmas tree box and placed it in a shoe box with a lot of cardboard then placed it back in my shed. I don’t know if she will use it but I felt better about it anyway.

However, a couple of days ago, I stepped out of my kitchen door without looking where I was putting my feet and walked to the edge of my patio. I turned to look back at my house and then I saw the mouse. She wasn’t running, more like waddling from side to side. I think she had eaten my dogs treats that I had thrown out earlier as they had vanished. She looked extremely fat as she tried to run off, quite comical to watch really.

At least I know I didn’t cause her any harm, after all she’s only trying to survive like us all.


Incase you missed my post on my re-opening here’s the link Re-Opening 2nd December I just wanted to remind you all and let you know that bookings are coming through and as of this moment, I now only have a few times available on the 2nd. Please call me asap to book your appointment.

£30.00 Voucher

Would you like a £30.00 Voucher?

The £30. Voucher can only be used once in conjunction with my Sensual Full Body Massage with Tantric for him or Yoni for her throughout the month of December.

Keep popping into my blog and lookout for the post named A gift from me. The voucher will be available for new and existing clients with details of how to get your hands on it.

Mistletoe Kiss

Last year I offered the chance of a Mistletoe Kiss within your session. I have had a couple of request asking for the same this year. Under our new found situation, I’m not sure this is the right thing to offer? But I would really like your feedback on this please.


Do you recall my post about Dave? heres a link incase you missed it the first time around IntroductionThe second lockdown came so many of you didn’t bother to get in-touch. I’m please to announce that he will be offering his services from the 2nd December.

Whats coming up

Future posts to look out for-

December Tale – True story

Sue’s Christmas Special – For 3 days only

Sue’s Naughty Christmas Quiz – Funny and saucy

Win a £30.00 discount – For the month of December

And sooo much more 😁

Do you have any interesting suggestion for a December post, please email me and if your suggestions are used, I will send you a £10.00 voucher.

Email me now at

Have a great day and see you soon!

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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Sunday Morning Updates, Sunday Morning – Updates, Full Body Massage Service

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