Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning

Morning readers,

We are supposed to have a sunny weekend but can you fit into last years summer clothes? Lockdown has seen many of us grow an inch or two here and there… Bloody unfair if you ask me and it never goes to the areas you would like to enhance. It’s that voice from the goody cupboard that’s to blame, you can always hear it loud and clear when you enter the kitchen saying “choose me, choose me”….

Which brings me to a Cheeky pic this morning and the thought that I need to be as agile as I used to be before lockdown. A few stretches here and their and a packet of pain killers for my back should do the trick lol

Ok, this Cheeky Pic is for your Saturday morning and hopefully, like myself, will give you all some motivation to get your body stretching again. It’s easy right?

Saturday morning, Saturday Morning, Full Body Massage Service

Cheeky Pic

Saturday morning, Saturday Morning, Full Body Massage Service

After all, what else is their to do on a sunny Saturday morning…

Have a great day and take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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